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It's time to
live more and struggle less.

Let me ask you...

Do you constantly wish you had more time?

Have you bought all the planners and organization tools, and tried all the tips and tricks, but still feel like you "waste" time?

Are you sick of trying really hard only to end up spinning your wheels and never feeling you're able to gain the traction or results you know you're capable of?

Do mainstream stereotypes of people with ADHD kinda bother you because they don't really describe you and thus, you feel even more isolated and like no one gets you?​

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​Well, my friend, you've struggled long enough and you actually DO have the time to start living the life you want and deserve.


But it's hard to do without the structure, support, teaching, and tools a coach who specializes in ADHD can provide.


I use evidence based strategies to help you learn the root causes of what's been holding you back as we co-create a unique plan that works for you.


You'll receive more than just accountability and encouragement. My goal is to ensure that you practice the skills necessary to not only achieve your initial goals, but also feel empowered to create success long after our work together is finished.

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Welcome to
Anna Davis Coaching!

Where adults with ADHD are empowered to get control of their mind, get back their precious time, and create more ease and flow in their life.

Have you found yourself asking, "Where did I go wrong?"

The explanation is simple. You can't solve a problem you don't understand, much less know exists! 


I'm guessing you went most of your life either without a diagnosis or without a true understanding of how ADHD impacts your life, or both. 


So it's not where did you go wrong, instead it's what went wrong. And what went wrong is that you (and millions of other adults living with ADHD today) didn't get the right operating manual for your brain at an early age.


It actually didn't even exist!!


And although researchers and experts have learned a lot about the ADHD brain in recent decades and thereby creating the manual, the world is still not set up to help people with ADHD thrive.


That's why we need a new manual!


The new one should tell us how to first honor and then navigate the neurodiverse landscape of our brain while living in a neurotypical world.


Because if you don't know what specific things your brain needs, you might mistakenly believe that the problem is you. But trust me, it's not! And guilting and shaming yourself into "doing better" won't help either.


This is where I come in!

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Hi, I'm Anna.


I'm an Emotional Health and Mental Fitness Coach for adults with ADHD. I'll show you how to ditch the shame stories and clear your brain clutter so you can finally harness your innate potential and create the life you deserve.


I'm also a trained Mental Health Professional with a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. After working as a therapist for several years, I discovered my skills, helping philosophy, and interests were closely aligned with coaching so I went after more training and work experience in this capacity.


I recently completed a specialized ADHD Coach Training Program with Kristen Carder, host of the top rated I Have ADHD podcast and creator of the wildly successful community and group coaching program for adults with ADHD, Focused.

For the last several years I've been educating, guiding, and empowering hundreds of adults with ADHD (as well as those with related symptoms, such as stress and anxiety), to live with more clarity, acceptance, and ease.

It all begins with a call. Click here to get started!

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